Drummoyne Rugby News

Asalamu Alaykum Cobbers Welcome to the truncated match review of a bit of Rd7, as played out on Saturday 6th June 2024, when the Red Men did send but one solitary team north, up the Pacific Highway, down Roseville Chase, and then back up the hill to Melwood Avenue in Forestville. Given the rain had […]

2024 Club Update – Round 07

Hyvää huomenta Cobbers, Welcome to the match reviews of Round 6, played out on Saturday 1st June 2024, wherein the DDR did welcome the Mosman Whales to Drummoyne Oval in weather more befitting Whales and other associated water-borne creatures than we mere land-lubber mortals. It was Old Boys Day, it was Veterans Day, it was […]

2024 Club Update – Round 06

Ni Hao Comrades, Welcome to the match reviews of Rd 5 wherein we did gird our loins and sally forth some 30 minutes to the north to make havoc among the obviously economically challenged at Soldiers Field in leafy Lindfield. And what a day it was, with Colts, 5ths and 4ths making it an unnecessary […]

2024 Club Update – Round 05