LIVIN Day Supporting mental health awareness and the LIVIN Foundation When: Saturday 12th of September, 2020 Where: Taplin Park, Sydney NSW On Saturday the 12th of September, the Drummoyne Dirty Reds will clash with Waverley Rugby at Taplin Park all in the name of raising awareness for mental health. The Drummoyne Rugby Club began it’s […]

2020 LIVIN Day

NSW Rugby and Subbies Rugby have provided a potential schedule for the 2020 season. Whilst it may seem obvious, we want to emphasise that a Return to Play for NSW Community Rugby is very much dependent on federal, state and local governments lifting or significantly easing restrictions related to COVID-19.  If it goes ahead, the […]

2020 New Season Dates

Rugby Australia have released an update to the game management guidelines for community level rugby in Australia for the 2020 season. Key call outs and updates are mentioned below. Scrum Stability is paramount at each step of the process. Engagement sequence: There is no pre-engagement shoulder to shoulder. Gap and stability are key. Scrum feed: […]

2020 Rugby Australia Game Management Guidelines