Club Update – 2016 Round 11

By Dan Henderson, Director of Rugby

Travelling away took on a whole new meaning as we went to Knox back-up ground – Wakehurst Rugby Park. This was a great move by Knox as the day went well for them as they pushed for a white-wash.

4s & 3s were always going to struggle to have the numbers due to the time and distance to this pitch. Up to the last minute Drummoyne were in the match in 4s posting a 12-0 loss, with tries going begging on the line several times.

100% of the 4th Graders played 3rds and looked like they were going to turn the tide on Knox who had a fairly fresh Whiddon Cup outfit. It was not to be though as tired players began to fall off tackles, posting a 14-34 loss.

Colts 10-14, loss:
Hoping to turn the tides on last round’s narrow loss to Knox was a new-look Drummoyne Colts starting side with several players away on holidays overseas.

The game was always hanging in the balance for both teams, but it was poor handling and execution that let our boys down, as they stuttered their way through the first half struggling to link with the new combinations.

But mark my words – when this team improves just a little, it will wipe Knox’s best Colts side off the park. A great build as finals draw near!

2nd Grade 7-34, loss:
The forward leaders and big ball carriers were missing in this match to help set the necessary platform. This group of lads have high expectations as a squad and worked hard with frustrations mounting to stay in the hunt as the 1st half drew to a close.

The 2nd half saw all the great ball-handling fade, with missed tackles and poor defensive shape giving way for a confident Knox win, thanks to a few quick tries.

1st Grade 59-33, win:
The team’s challenge and goal was to put together a performance that commanded a bonus point win, but it was Knox young bold side that had other ideas, starting the game with a hiss and a roar. They managed to challenge our 1st graders in every individual position all over the park, getting the jump on a stunned group of Reds!

Once our boys went about dictating the play and forcing Knox to play to our strengths, their team began to show a lot of cracks.

The second half performance was a mix bag of impressive play vs frustrating defensive errors.

Focusing on our defensive issues should see through as we build towards finals!