Notice of DDRFC Inc. 2017 AGM (Updated)

Notice is given that the Annual General Meeting of Members of the Drummoyne District Rugby Football Club Inc. will be held (upstairs) at The Oxford Hotel Drummoyne on Wednesday, 15th November 2017, commencing at 6.30pm.


  1. To receive the Financial Accounts / Annual Report for the Year Ended 30 September 2017
  1. To elect the honorary office bearers for the Club including:
  • Patron(s)
  • President
  • Treasurer & Assistant Treasurer
  • Registrar
  • Secretary
  • Gear Steward
  • Social Secretary
  • 8 Committee Members

Nominations for Office Bearers can be mailed to the above address, or emailed (preferably) to – [email protected].

  1. Consider any Nominations for Life Members & Vice Presidents. To re-present all Vice presidents in accordance with rule 4 (e).
    To date we have received one (1) nomination for a Vice President, that being:

Shane Kelly – A current and long-term volunteer who is held in high esteem among all players and supporters. Shane has provided outstanding service as “Strapper” for approximately 35 years. He is often the first at the ground each week (both home and away) to assist with the lower grades and then is always there well after 1st grade has finished.

  1. Any other business, please email [email protected] so that any other business items can be circulated beforehand.
  2. Extraordinary Resolution:
    To consider a recommendation of a special resolution to amend the Constitution of the DDRFC inc, in accordance with the document titled “2017 proposed changes to the DDRFC Constitution” which is included with this Notice. (annexure 1)

Notice of voting Rights:

a.) Voting rights at meetings of the Club are limited to all members and Life Members
b.) Voting by proxy or postal ballot is not allowed at any meeting of the Club.
c.) All persons voting must be financial for the financial year at the time the meeting is held.

Peter Heels
DDRFC – Secretary

Annexure 1 – 2017 proposed Constitution change:

Item 16: Financial Year

The Financial year of the Club will terminate on the 30th day of September of each year and the financial statements duly prepared as set-out in clause 17.

Item 17: Audit & Accounts

The committee are required to appoint a registered company auditor or suitably qualified accountant (member of CAANZ, CPA or IPA) to undertake an audit of the financial accounts where the requisite turnover threshold under the Tier 1 Associations Financial Reporting requirements as determined by the NSW Associations Incorporation Act 2009 are met.

The Committee are authorised to appoint an Auditor in the initial year where the requirements are met and for the members to ratify the approval at the first AGM post the Auditors appointment and the nominated Auditor to be reappointed at each subsequent AGM.

Where the Tier 1 Financial Reporting requirements are not met, the committee are to have prepared special purpose financial reports as soon as practical after 30th September each year by a suitably qualified accountant (CAANZ, CPA or IPA).

Note : The current constitution can be found on the DDRFC website

AGM notice and agenda – 2017