2020 New Season Dates

NSW Rugby and Subbies Rugby have provided a potential schedule for the 2020 season. Whilst it may seem obvious, we want to emphasise that a Return to Play for NSW Community Rugby is very much dependent on federal, state and local governments lifting or significantly easing restrictions related to COVID-19.  If it goes ahead, the format will involve :

  • a 2 week pre-season, with yet to be confirmed options for trial match(es).
  • a 7 round competition, with a start date not later than the 25th of July.
  • one day of finals, so no breaks in the 7 rounds, and we play each club once.
  • finish as per the original schedule on Sep 12.

As further details come to light, we will continue to inform our Dirty Reds family.

Yours in rugby,

DDRFC Committee