2020 Club Update April

By Colin Baggott, DDRFC President

Hi to all fellow Dirty Reds,

I hope that you are all keeping well, had an enjoyable, quiet, relaxing Easter in such peculiar and challenging times.

This is where I was hoping to have written to you and passing on my congratulations to our players & game day personnel on a very impressive series of pre-season wins in our trial games against the likes of Forest, Colleagues and Petersham. No doubt we would have had a clean sweep throughout all grades. The focus would now have been on reviewing Round 1, our first home game of the season against our local rivals Petersham on Saturday 18th April.

But unfortunately, this is not the case due to Covid-19 and the measures we as a society have been requested to take to ensure that we flatten the curve by social / physical distancing, self-isolating and remaining at home. This will be a very memorable Easter and ANZAC Day for all the wrong reasons thanks to Covid-19. However, seeing the media reports from overseas relating to the seriousness of the issue gives me hope in the people of Australia that we will get through this if we continue to do the right thing by each other and listen to the direction provided. I’m very grateful to be in Australia right now.

As you know, all rugby is on hold until June 1st at the earliest. As a club Drummoyne Rugby are proud to have been ahead of the curve in making some tough decisions in suspending all activities to minimise the spread of Covid-19 and ensure the safety of the greater Drummoyne family. However, there is hope that we will return to rugby for the second half of the season so fingers crossed.

Support of our Sponsors: I would like to ask you to support our local sponsors wherever you can. These sponsors will need all the help they can get during these strange times so please keep them in mind. We will be reaching out to our sponsors to better understand how we can support each other in the coming weeks.

I know when the pubs and restaurants open back up again I will be waiting in line from early morning to celebrate with you all in style. Be safe, look after each other and hope to see you all soon.