2023 Sydney 7s Volunteers

Sydney 7’s Volunteers Needed

Richard Tombs who is the General Manager of Hearts in Union is seeking volunteers from Clubs to assist with selling raffle tickets at the Sydney 7s on January 28th and 29th.

28th – 14 more volunteers needed
29th – 8 more volunteers needed

This is an extremely worthy charity and benefits rugby players injured and incapacitated. Plus if you can assist you get to attend the Sydney 7s!!

If you’re able to assist, please email [email protected]

To understand a little more about the beneficiaries here is a little from Richard directly …

My name is Richard Tombs (Wallaby 698), I am the General Manager of Hearts in Rugby Union https://www.heartsinrugbyunion.com.au/ 

I am a quadriplegic as a result of a soccer incident 4yrs ago and I am acutely aware of the challenges confronted by the recipients of our charity & am passionate about looking after their welfare.

I am recruiting volunteers for the https://5050charityraffle.com.au/rugbyau at the Sydney Rugby 7’s https://www.sydney7s.com.au/. You are potentially putting approx. $5000 into someone’s pocket, that is a genuine selling feature. The photo attached is a family of 7 who won during the Adelaide test match last year.

What’s involved;

Entry ticket provided 28 & 29th
Events hours are 9am – 9pm
What’s requested
4hrs of selling the virtual raffle tickets during the Saturday 28th &/or Sunday 29th, January. Training provided
Due to the nature of 7’s (15min matches), there are active selling opportunities between matches
If you can only make 1 day that is fine, please indicate which day
Required time 2pm – 7pm (inc 1hr induction – 4hrs active selling)
We are after 20 Volunteers in total for each day (we have 6 & 12 for respective days)
This is a great Sydney event, time is provided for volunteers to enjoy it and be able to watch crucial matches as well as the finals on Sunday.

Please reply to this email if you would care to join me as a Volunteer.

Kind Regards,

Richard Tombs
General Manager | Hearts in Rugby Union

M: +61 427 771 969