Peter Heels

On behalf of the “Facey” family, we have been asked to pass on the following…. Dad has now been laid to rest at a private funeral and we are organising a memorial service and request the following message be sent by an email (and facebook message) to the DDRFC and Vintage Reds members please? Charles […]

Memorial Service for Charles Facey

Semi-Finals – Saturday, 26th August 2017 at David Phillips Field  (Gwea Ave & Banks Avenue, Daceyville) Grade Opposition Kick-Off Field 3rd Grade Waverley 11.05am #2 Colts Mosman 12.20pm #2 2nd Grade Waverley 1.45pm #1 1st Grade Petersham 3.15pm #1 Admission Fee = $15.00 per person Note: Admission passes for (eligible/selected) players will be distributed at […]